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How Brian Kemp recovers from Trump’s wrath

Not every Republican signed up. Debbie Dooley, a Conservative activist in Georgia, said the Republican base recalled Mr. Kemp declining Mr. Trump’s request to convene a special session to discuss the results of the presidential election and that they continued to seek him for to punish what it considers to have failed to fully investigate fraud cases.

“He hopes Trump voters forget he was a coward,” she said. “He’s been undermining us every step of the way in investigating election fraud, and now that he’s spoken harshly on MLB, Delta and Coke, he believes we’ll be forgiven. We won’t. “

The latest poll, conducted before Mr Kemp signed the electoral law, found that 15 to 30 percent of Republicans in Georgia disapproved of his time as governor, largely because of his performance in the 2020 election.

The new law that Mr Kemp advocates makes it difficult to obtain a postal vote, creates new restrictions and complications for voting, and gives Republican lawmakers new power over the electoral process. It was heavily criticized by local companies like Coca-Cola and Delta, and prompted Major League Baseball to move its all-star game out of the Atlanta suburb in protest.

Mr. Kemp used the reprimands to set fire to the republican base. He made little effort to calm tensions with some of his state’s most prominent corporate leaders, saying that baseball executives “gave in to fear, political opportunism and liberal lies” in deciding to move the All-Star game. Through all of this, he has positioned himself as a fierce defender of Georgian sovereignty and said, “Georgians are not bullied.”

Mr Kemp’s approval of the electoral law appears to have helped him stand among Republicans in Georgia. Former Representative Doug Collins, Mr. Trump’s preferred intra-party rival for governorship, is now leaning towards a Senate bid for 2022 instead, according to state strategists and activists. The two remaining Republicans considering an offer are not as well known and would each other are facing a tougher time that poses a serious challenge to Mr. Kemp, who has already deposited more than $ 6.3 million in his re-election campaign. He is now collecting funds from the election bill and wrapping his re-election website with a plea for funds to “defend electoral integrity”.

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