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Silicon Valley’s Smuggling Apps by Michelle Malkin

The mainstream media are slowly reaching for “Open Borders, Inc.” rackets. Just this week, NBC News reported that smugglers were using Facebook to promote their services, in violation of Facebook’s prohibition on exploitation and human trafficking. The news network seems shocked, shocked, shocked that coordinated illegal activity on Facebook – one of the largest and most influential globalist platforms in the world – is booming.

If the bleeding hearts at Fourth Estate hadn’t been so busy hauling water for Mexican cartels and big business through endless anti-Trump pieces of propaganda defending the mass invasion of illegal immigrants over the past four years, they might have blown the pipe earlier Silicon Valley co-conspirators with ruthless coyotes.

Only now have NBC News found it appropriate to inform the public of Spanish-language posts on public Facebook pages promoting “Travel to Mexico, the US”. Costs $ 8,000. 100 percent sure ”or“ Make your dream come true in the USA. We are here to help. The trip is safe and reliable, and costs $ 4,500 from Monterrey to San Antonio, Texas. “

That’s the tip of the iceberg. In 2019, I reported on how smugglers and their customers around the world used Facebook and WhatsApp (owned by Facebook) to coordinate their trips. Pueblo Sin Fronteras, the most notorious sponsor of illegal immigrant caravans, still maintains a public Facebook page where its leaders mock America, announce their cross-border activities, and ask for supplies and donations.

NGOs, interest groups and financial institutions have created an additional set of free apps to “help”. The United Nations International Organization for Migration offers MigApp information and “support for safe migration” on Google Play and in the Apple App Store. The app offers weather and crime alerts, medical clinic scheduling, and money transfer services (more on that in a moment).

Similarly, the International Committee of the Red Cross WhatsApp alerts provide “advice on how to avoid and prevent accidents, illness, and family separation” as well as a means to “share the geographic location of a shelter or send specific advice or alerts to the Case of unexpected situations. “

The “Notifica” app from United We Dream is also available on Google Play and the Apple App Store. It gives illegal immigrants a “help button” to alert friends, family members, lawyers, media propagandists and others in the event of imprisonment or encounter with law enforcement agencies.


Border saboteurs have used technology to undermine enforcement of immigration regulations for decades. Ricardo Dominguez created a crowdsourced website jamming network called the FloodNet system in the 1990s that allowed anyone with an internet connection to disrupt communications with the U.S. Border Protection Agency, the White House, the G8, the Mexican Embassy, ​​and others. He then introduced the Transborder Immigrant Tool in 2009 with cheap $ 30 Motorola cell phones that came with a free GPS applet to help illegal immigrants navigate desert routes, locate water stations, and determine their proximity to highways . An expert consulted by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees praised “how smartphones and social media have revolutionized migration” and allowed illegal immigrants to bypass “legal means” to find agents who “take long” and instead “dark ones” digital underworld “. to “facilitate access to agents and smugglers” via encrypted Facebook and WhatsApp channels.

In addition, there is a new boom in peer-to-peer apps that enable illegal money transfers from immigrants, known as “transfers”. In 2017, the total cost of sending wire transfers was approximately $ 30 billion. Old-line money transfer companies charge high fees averaging 7% of the amount sent. Numerous competitors and disruptors fighting in the migrant money market to pull customers away with lower transaction fees include Wells Fargo, MoneyGram, Paypal / Xoom, Wise, and WorldRemit. Many of these apps can be integrated into Facebook’s Messenger Chat, Viber and WeChat. WorldRemit, a startup founded by a former Somali United Nations official with venture capital backing from Facebook, Spotify, Netflix, and Slack, completes 600,000 referrals per month, according to Fast Company.

Just to show the loyalty of Silicon Valley: apps owned or supported by Facebook, Google and Apple that support and encourage illegal immigration and people smuggling are running with impunity, while the same globalist companies are running law-abiding apps for Free speech like Gab and Parler have banned. Countless thousands of nationalists have been disappointed in defending our homeland, while cartels and coyotes take advantage of the internet and the cheap labor appetite of corporate oligarchs to sabotage our borders and attack American sovereignty.

Who needs foreign enemies when the domestic blind worship of the “free market” destroys us from within?

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