AG Fitch invites Mississippiers to observe National Crime Victims’ Rights Week

Attorney General Lynn Fitch invites all Mississippians to join the Attorney General’s Office on April 18-24 as the Week of Victim Rights Week.

“My office is dedicated to helping crime victims and their families recover from and overcome ongoing physical, emotional and financial challenges,” said Attorney General Lynn Fitch. “We can all help them find hope, peace and dignity as they go from victim to survivor.”

Over the past year, Attorney General Fitch and the Bureau of Victim Assistance have worked to create a closer network of partners across the state and develop a more personal approach to victim advocacy. Over the past year we have served more than 2,200 crime victims and their families.

This week we launched new and improved resources for crime victims.

Victim attorneys

Our victim advocates have been assigned regions of the state so they can develop closer relationships with domestic violence shelters, counselors, and other victim service providers. This network of dedicated professionals strives to help victims move toward recovery with hope, dignity, and peace of mind. Click here for a map of victim advocates by region.

Victim Services Resource Directory

Our victim attorneys have compiled this comprehensive directory to help victims find the information they need to get in touch with various departments of the Attorney General, find nationwide services and hotline numbers, and on pro bono resources available to victims and their families.

Click here to download a copy of the Victim Services Resource Directory.

Victim services by district

We also developed this interactive map to help victims and their families find all of the resources available in each state. These resources include:

Child minders; Domestic violence service providers; Sexual assault, rape crisis and human trafficking providers; Survivors of service providers to murder victims; Mental health and disability service providers; and vocational training and job placement.

Click here to download a copy of the Victims Services by County map. Clicking a state brings up a list of services in that state, sorted by type.

Compensation Fund for Crime Victims

The General Prosecutor’s Office administers the State Crime Victims Compensation Fund. This money provides funds to legitimate victims and survivors of crime to offset or reimburse costs associated with the crime. For more information, see this brochure and the victim support section on our website.

“My team will continue to stand firm on crime victims, using public and private partnerships at the federal, state and local levels to stop those trying to harm our families and communities.” said Attorney General Lynn Fitch.

If you have been the victim of a crime, or know someone who has done so, please visit AttorneyGeneralLynnFitch.com. There you can learn about the rights reserved for crime victims, connect with resources in your community, and find a victim attorney to help you move forward to recovery with hope, dignity, and peace of mind.

Press release

April 19, 2021

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