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WATCH: Whoopi Goldberg closes Meghan McCain complaints about chauvin protesters

On Monday, The View moderators addressed both the Derek Chauvin process and Maxine Waters’ recent comments. The California Congresswoman said that if the officer were acquitted, protesters would have to “make sure they know we mean companies”.

Meghan McCain, the Conservative speaker on the show, took the comments seriously. Last summer, McCain was caught lying about violent protests outside her New York City apartment.

However, that did not prevent them from claiming that last year’s demonstrations “among suburban Democrats did not play well with Democrats”. McCain continued: “[I believe in] Protesting peacefully all day each day is an integral part of an American pastime. I think once it gets violent you lose a lot of people in the message, which is really very important right now. “

Whoopi Golberg countered the comments by saying:

“Right, 99 percent of the people protesting out there aren’t violent. We find that there are people who burn and loot things. People need to be very aware of who they are and where they are at any given time. Personally, I would prefer if we didn’t have tons of videotapes of officials preparing to fight the protesters because I feel like people want it to happen. I don’t feel like I’m in power – if they’d really taken care of all of this, they would have come to the aid of the protesters and said we should work on it before it was like last summer. “

America is on the verge of a judgment due soon. A decision on Chauvin’s fate is expected later this week.

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