Caitlyn Jenner tells Dana Bash that she played golf instead of voting in 2020

Donald Trump has proven that you don’t have to be experienced or competent to be president. All you need is a media personality right?

Other incompetent people like front runner Caitlyn Jenner look at Trump and think, “Why not me?”

Dana Bash interviewed her on CNN this morning.

“I have to surround myself with good people and I’m very happy that the Republican Party supported me enough to surround me with really good people,” Jenner said.

“You didn’t talk to Trump about it at all?”


When asked if she voted for him in 2020, she replied, “I didn’t even vote.”

“Out here in California, it’s like electing a Republican president? It’s just not going to work. It’s overwhelming. And at the time-“

“Did you refuse the ticket?”

“No. It was election day, and I thought the only thing I’m worried about out here in California, as far as the people go is the proposals that were out there. And I haven’t seen any proposals that really had a side or the other one. And so it was election day and I just couldn’t get upset about it. And I just went to play golf and said, “Ehh, I won’t.” “”

“How can you get people to vote for you now that you want to vote?”

“Because I’m cute and lovable?” She said.

California Democrats, please don’t forget to vote. Keep this bubblebrain away from the governor’s seat.

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