MUST WATCH: Tucker explains how Dr. Tony Fauci is partially responsible for the coronavirus

Tucker Carlson opened his show tonight with a bombshell story based on coverage by Nicholas Wade, an eminent science journalist, who explained in Medium how Tony Fauci was partially responsible for creating the coronavirus.

Check out the entire segment below:

Tucker first explains why the WHO report on how the coronavirus was created was so corrupt, and how it almost certainly came from a virology lab in Wuhan.

He then points out that the research this Chinese virology laboratory was doing on the SARS virus was funded by the United States. What is strange is that the US banned funding for such research because it was about making the SARS virus transmissible to humans. Unless there was a loophole in the moratorium that allowed the head of U.S. government funding agencies to lift the ban and fund the research anyway. And the person who did this to fund the Wuhan Laboratory’s research was none other than Tony Fauci, the head of NIAID.

This video skips to the Fauci part if you don’t have time for the entire video:

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