The wrench in the works

I read the comments on an article in National by Paton re Alba this morning (I totally skipped the article because after the title it sounded like another embarrassing session of haughty pathetic whining against Alba and Mr. Salmond).

What amazed me most was the total lack of self-esteem and gigantic sense of entitlement that SNP supporters (or trolls who work for Murray Foote you never know) have shown in this comment section.

Among the odd idiot who tried to discredit ALBA by attacking Mr Salmond (yawning) and attempting for the hundredth time to undermine the criminal court’s verdict (double yawning), there were others who simply thought that was the only thing was what they needed I had to get rid of ALBA so that all ALBA voters ran back to Papa SNP like girls in need.
As if!

It has not yet clicked in these people’s minds that Alba voters will not return to the SNP. I am definitely not coming back. It has still not become clear to them that Alba voters are voters who the SNP has ALREADY lost and will not lose.

They are so ungrateful that they have not yet brought themselves to admit (perhaps they are so unable to read the room or so indoctrinated that they have not yet realized it) that thanks to the Alba voters they won two of the many constituencies that they got.

But oh no They kind of believe that they have Alba’s votes and ALBA’s voters, and the only thing they can possibly think about is that those 44,000 votes for ALBA on the list, if they were cast for the SNP, more MPs on the list for that Would represent SNP.

The lack of self-esteem criticizing the loss of 44,000 votes when they lost over a million because of their stupidity SNP1 SNP2 and which they sacrificed in the altar of the over-the-top ego of their mediocre leader is frankly a sight to match the utter lack of Awareness, maturity and integrity and the enormous sense of entitlement of this McDonald SNP MP with his embarrassingly sticky hahaha tweet.

If any of the SNP members read this, please know that my ALBA voice is mine. It does not belong to the SNP and has never been. If ALBA didn’t exist, I would either spoil my ballot papers or vote for someone else. I wouldn’t vote for SNP, and you can say with reasonable certainty that I cast my last vote for SNP in December 2019.

So stop making a fool of yourself by treating Alba’s voters like they were SNP voters who escaped the corral, are kind of lost and desperate to come back. We are not lost. In fact we found our way and got the map, thank you.

Sturgeon’s SNP has ALREADY lost our votes and the sooner you stop thinking of our votes as yours, the more likely you are to wonder why some former SNP members felt the need to leave the SNP so they could prevent more SNP from getting -Members leave your party and join ALBA.

The only reason many ALBA voters in the constituency cast their vote for the SNP was because Mr. Salmond asked them to do so. If he hadn’t, you would mourn the loss of another 2 seats today. Honestly, it really takes the apex of ingratitude to criticize the man for giving you two seats.

It would not be wrong if you did not criticize our list votes directly. By the way, we have the right to vote for whoever we want. You THANK Alba for giving your constituency votes that your party does not deserve.

Stop looking at OUR 44,000 votes and look at your own million votes that YOU lost that made YOU let 46 unionists come through the back door of Holyrood for YOU taking the totally wrong advice of one Leader who has no intention of achieving independence.

It is time that, if you had voted tactically, you would see a sizeable number of ALBA candidates for independence instead of the 46 unionists your leader’s flawed strategy allowed for them to stop the referendum on their behalf .

ALBA voters owe nothing to the SNP. The SNP owes the ALBA voters two constituency seats. ALBA has done its part to create a super major for independence. The selfishness of a weak leader who could not possibly face a real challenge from a real pro-Indy leader resulted in you wasting a million of your pro-Indy votes to make sure she had 46 half-baked unionists as opposition instead and feel superior I think these 46 half-baked unionists are the only way your leader can retain the right to be independent and a leader.

So before you criticize ALBA’s back yard, check out your own front yard, where dandelions and moss seem to have completely taken over your lawn after 6 years of your leader completely neglecting the grass.

Even after the election, the ongoing, almost desperate attempts by the SNP Praetorian Guard (to which I now count the national team) to poison Alba’s roots convince me even more that this election was manipulated with the sole aim of preventing ALBA candidates from doing so To reach Holyrood.

There is a kind of deja vu here. I get the impression they were hoping that stopping ALBA in Holyrood would kill the party. Just as they expected the grievance process and relentless cutting back on Mr. Salmond’s political comeback would kill. Well, they failed then, they will fail now.

You can see some sort of similarity here in the modus operandi. Everything points to the same thing: an absolute fear, actually panic, if Mr Salmond returns to the forefront of politics.

I can’t be the only one wondering why Why are all these mediocre politicians so afraid of him that they cannot possibly have the idea of ​​a fair fight (figuratively speaking) face to face against the man, so they have to use every method in the rulebook and book of “Against The.” ethical rules “to prevent the man from approaching a lectern so that he can pretend he doesn’t exist?

Mr. Salmond against an army of political pygmies. Any attempt to smear it, to prevent it from having a debate, to get a seat, makes it bigger and them smaller.

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